Triple Crown Charity Fundraising

with Memorabilia & "Experience" Events

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How Auction Works

After learning about the details of your Silent Auction event and ascertaining the preferences and tastes of your guests, we will customize a unique selection of Sports and Entertainment items and "Experience" events. From inexpensive to high-end, from 10 to 100 items, we will assemble the perfect mix to dazzle your audience.

Some Charities that we work with have existing Silent Auction items, but need to supplement their selection of merchandise. For these groups, we can provide a spectacular mix of Sports and Entertainment items, plus "Experience" events, to create a buzz at the event.

Other organizations have no Silent Auction at their event. In this case, we can step in and furnish a complete inventory of Sports and Entertainment memorabilia, and "Experience" events for all tastes. We can Professionally Manage the Silent Auction from start to finish.

Our Silent Auction Benefits:

  • NO HASSLES. Your time is valuable and your job is demanding. We’ll do all the time-consuming work and you are free to pursue other sources of revenue.
  • EXCEED YOUR GOALS! Take your fundraising to the next level. Your guests will enjoy the great selection of Auction items on display, leading to numerous bids and greater revenue for your organization.